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The Latest Updates on Zoom Client for Windows and Mac


Zoom Meetings for Windows5.7.7.1105
Zoom Meetings for Windows5.7.7.1105

‍Zoom Client is a popular video conferencing software that allows users to connect and collaborate remotely. To ensure a seamless and secure experience, it is crucial to keep your Zoom Client up to date with the latest version. In this article, we will explore the newest updates and improvements in Zoom Client for Windows and Mac.

Why Update Zoom Client Regularly?

Regularly updating your Zoom Client is essential for several reasons:

  1. Enhanced Performance: Each update brings new features, improvements, and bug fixes, ensuring a smoother and more efficient video conferencing experience.
  2. Security Enhancements: Zoom constantly works on strengthening the security measures to protect your meetings and data. Updating the client helps you stay up to date with the latest security patches.
  3. Access to New Features: New updates often introduce exciting features and functionalities that enhance your overall meeting experience.
  4. Compatibility: Keeping your Zoom Client updated ensures compatibility with the latest devices, operating systems, and third-party integrations.
Zoom Meetings for Windows5.7.7.1105 with crack
Zoom Meetings for Windows5.7.7.1105 with crack

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Latest Update: Zoom Client v5.7.7 (1105)

The most recent update for Zoom Client is version 5.7.7 (1105), released on September 6, 2021. This update brings both new features and bug fixes. Let’s take a closer look at some of the highlights:

New and Improved Features

  1. Web Meetings and Webinars: The latest update introduces the ability to host and join web meetings and webinars directly from your web browser, making it more convenient for participants.
  2. Host Requirement Prompt: Now, hosts have the option to require participants to become the host when rejoining a meeting, providing better control over meeting management.

Bug Fixes and Security Enhancements

The Zoom Client v5.7.7 (1105) update also addresses various issues and security vulnerabilities. Some of the notable fixes include:

  • Resolving video freezing issues for users with AMD processors during meetings.
  • Fixing minor bugs to improve overall security and performance.

Zoom Meetings for Windows5.7.7.1105 with patch

Previous Updates

Let’s take a quick look at the previous updates to Zoom Client for Windows and Mac:

Zoom Client v5.7.6 (1055)

Released on an earlier date, Zoom Client v5.7.6 (1055) brings several new features and improvements:

  • MSI Flag Requirement: This update introduces the mandatory requirement of an MSI flag for Integrated Outlook IM deployments.
  • General Features: Additional features include logout SSO notifications, optimized auto-detection of video, meeting transfer across devices, and screen sharing limits for external participants.
  • Chat Enhancements: The chat sidebar has been improved, allowing easier navigation and resetting the search position.
  • Phone Features: Security enhancements have been implemented for shared line appearances and displaying the company’s phone number during calls.

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Zoom Client v5.7.5 (1020)

Another significant update was Zoom Client v5.7.5 (1020), which brought the following enhancements:

  • Webinar Start Button: The update resolved the issue where the webinar start button was missing for hosts during practice sessions.
  • API Windows: Zoom now correctly detects the speaker even when the request timeout occurs, ensuring a seamless audio experience.
  • Security Improvements: Various minor security fixes were implemented to enhance the overall security of the Zoom Client.

Zoom Meetings for Windows5.7.7.1105 with kegen

Zoom Client v5.7.4 (804)

Zoom Client v5.7.4 (804) introduced a number of new features and bug fixes:

  • Zoom Meeting and Webinar Enhancements: This update added new features to Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinars, including an enhanced Active Apps Notifier that allows future app integration for accessing meeting content.
  • Bug Fixes: Several minor bugs were fixed to improve the overall stability and performance of the Zoom Client.


Staying up to date with the latest version of Zoom Client is crucial for a seamless and secure video conferencing experience. The recent updates, such as Zoom Client v5.7.7 (1105), bring new features, bug fixes, and security enhancements that ensure smooth communication and collaboration. Remember to regularly check for updates and take advantage of the latest improvements in Zoom Client for Windows and Mac.

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